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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Academia Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for academics and those enrolled in higher education. It only takes a minute to sign up. This is a mail I received from my potential supervisor who is willing to supervise my PhD study.

I want to thank him for the email. I would like to know how it goes with your scholarship. I would be happy if you would keep in touch with me on the further progress of your fellowship. Is that OK to say Thank you for showing concern or Thank you for your time? I have submitted all the necessary documents to Agency ABC and I am awaiting the file to be processed.

I will let you know whenever I get any more information. They told me that it's expected by the end of November. Since I was assured that the application will be eventually accepted, I would like to ask you if we could meet to discuss the topic of the PhD in more detail, so that I can start to study the related literature.

This is just an example of a reply I would make. The level of politeness you choose should reflect your previous communication and your relationship. As well, you're not going to say that the application is accepted if it is not.

So in general, just inform him about the status and show your interest in the cooperation. You don't need to make it long, he's basically asking for a status of the thing and he's most probably expecting a short and on-the-spot reply. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How should I reply and thank a potential supervisor's email?

Asked 5 years, 10 months ago.

How do I email my supervisor? Part two – the thank you note.

Active 5 years, 9 months ago. Viewed 21k times. Enthusiastic Engineer 7, 9 9 gold badges 42 42 silver badges 77 77 bronze badges. Marviii Marviii 1 1 gold badge 6 6 silver badges 6 6 bronze badges. Why do you want to thank him? I'm not saying it's a bad idea, but it seems like he has a personal stake in knowing the outcome of your fellowship application he wants to know if he has to pay for you or not. So it would make sense for him to be curious about this, and it doesn't mean he's concerned for your general welfare.

Why not thanking him? It is polite, you are nice to another human being, and it is free. Just write "Thank you for your email. This is getting dangerously close to treating this website as a "help me write an email" consulting service. This question appears to be off-topic because it is about how to write thank you notes. Active Oldest Votes. Dear Joshua or Dear Prof. Smith or whatever you use to call himI have submitted all the necessary documents to Agency ABC and I am awaiting the file to be processed.

thanking thesis supervisor email

Best regards, Charlie This is just an example of a reply I would make.I am one of your college advisees and I would like to extend to you my warmest appreciation for being a great adviser to me.

I will be graduating this academic year thanks in part to your good mentoring and guidance in conducting and finishing my thesis. Your input and comments about my thesis were all helpful in making it a significant thesis.

In fact, my thesis was chosen as one of the outstanding thesis this academic year. Your advices were crucial in helping me make the right decisions about how to proceed with my study. Your suggestion to use another methodology and system of analysis in my thesis improved the way I analyzed the results of the study. I am one of your college advisees and I would like to appreciate the way you have given me a proper guidance.

You have been a great adviser to me. I would like to extend my heartiest wishes to you for being a great mentor and guidance in conducting and finishing my thesis in my final year of graduation. Your inputs and comments about my thesis were all helpful in making it a momentous thesis. In fact, my thesis was chosen as one of the exceptional thesis this academic year.

Your counseling was critical in helping me make the right decisions about how to proceed with my study. Your suggestions to use another methodology and system of analysis in my thesis enhanced the way I analyzed the results of the study.

thanking thesis supervisor email

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Sample Letter. Follow FoundLetters. You searched for: letter of appreciation to thesis adviser. Sample College Acceptance Letter by emily on February 8, Dharwat, I am one of your college advisees and I would like to extend to you my warmest appreciation for being a great adviser to me.

Again, thank you. I wish you more success in your career. Respectfully, Ms. February 1, Mr. Dear Mr. Bates, I am one of your college advisees and I would like to appreciate the way you have given me a proper guidance.

Thank you very much for everything. Yours faithfully, Ms.In my previous experiences with academic advisors, I haven't had the best luck. Not once have I had an academic advisor that genuinely cared about me or that believed in me. Once I got to college that all changed. I'm not sure words can explain how grateful I am to finally have an academic advisor that is incredibly dedicated and supportive, but I'm going to give it a shot.

First off, thank you for being my academic advisor. I was not assigned to you. I reached out to you because I heard absolutely wonderful things about you in hopes of you becoming my academic advisor.

You could have easily said no because saying yes meant adding another thing to your very busy schedule. But, you said yes and I'm forever grateful.

Vlog 81 - Why do students change supervisors? Part One

Without you, I would not be able to handle everything that college and life throws at me. Thank you for believing in me and supporting.

Many advisors aren't too hopeful or supportive, especially when it comes to students who plan on graduating early. But with you, I feel like anything is possible. You have faith in me and will do anything to help me set and reach all of my goals including graduating early. Whether it is you helping me map out my next few years in college, approving course overload or simply helping me sign up for fall, spring and summer courses, I can always count on you.

Thank you for being just as enthusiastic as I am, which for those who know me is difficult. I always look forward to coming into your office. As soon as I see your smiling face I know I'm going to leave happier than I came in. Along with our similar attitudes, you and I can geek out over the little things like planners on Amazon and studying abroad in beautiful countries.

You're much more than an advisor and our meetings never feel like meetings. Thank you for seeing me as my strengths and not my weaknesses. Also, thank you for pointing out strengths I didn't even know I had. Each time we meet you boost my confidence so much and in college, that is something I really need and appreciate. You know what they say about confidence: it's key, so thank you for unlocking opportunities for me through compliments like "you're awesome" or even just letting me know you enjoy advising me.

I've woken up early and in a good mood since I can remember. My parents always used to say I was the same way since I was born, too.Inter-cultural communication is, indeed, delicate work. Even students raised in the same culture as their supervisor can struggle with this kind of communication task, which is why it is an excellent topic for a blog post! When we write a letter, we are playing a role.

Want to sound happy and affectionate to your friend and angry and persuasive to the politician. You are a different person when you write each letter. You play the role through your choice of greeting, the words you use, expressive punctuation and so on. I have a very different kind of relationship with every PhD student I supervise, even though I like to think I approach everyone the same way.

Too casual? Too formal?

Are you a student? A junior colleague? A friend? You can be all three at the same time, or just one, depending on how the relationship between yourself and your supervisor evolves. Recently I met my delightful and supportive masters supervisor at a social event, completely by chance. I studied with her 18 years ago now! Back then we were in almost daily contact, even though now we speak but rarely. We certainly became friends, after a fashion. But I still feel like a junior colleague when I talk to her.

My explanation for every sentence is in square brackets. We are not good with gratitude. Being specific shows your supervisor that you are confident and have things under control and that you have listened to their advice] over the next couple of months.

One reason why emojis are so useful in text messaging! Safe travels! What were you trying to say? Did you manage to communicate well, or not? Love to hear your stories in the comments — from your issues, more blog posts might come! How to email your supervisor or the tyranny of tiny tasks and what you can do about it. Five ways to avoid death by email. I usually take my cues from the more senior person. Is the manuscript going OK?

Experiment running smoothly.How does a thesis look from the other side? If you catch her on a good day Kris will admit she actually quite likes working with research students on their projects. In this post Kristin sets out her manifesto for treating your supervisor right! Do you treat your supervisor right? Supervisors can be difficult. We can be eccentric.

We can be tetchy.

A Thank You Letter To My Academic Advisor

We can lose your drafts and forget to give you feedback. Here are some questions to ponder …. Supervisors know stuff. We have spent years as high achieving undergraduates, postgraduates and then academics finding out about stuff. We were employed by our institution because we know about stuff. Some of that stuff will be relevant to your research. Follow it up: ask questions then or go away, do some reading and some thinking. The mind of a trained academic can be fiendishly subtle….

Thinking about advice is also important when it comes to comments on your written work, especially thesis chapters. Being late for meetings — or worse, not turning up — are obviously egregious behaviours. When you agree to deliver a draft to your supervisor on Friday, do it right. A draft is a complete and relatively coherent piece of work, written in sentences and proof read. Supervisors have been employed for their disciplinary expertise.

We are not paid to: print out your page thesis draft sent via email, photocopy it and pass the copies to the rest of the team; line edit your work; correct your systematic and yet never predictable misuse of semi-colons; find forms on the University website; remind you of important dates relating to your candidature; provide a reading list of foundational texts in your field.

letter of appreciation to thesis adviser

In short, we are not your secretary, editor or research assistant. Knowing about this issue will shape what we can expect from you, how we will support you, and how we advocate for your interests to the institution. For many of us, supervision is the very definition of a thankless task. Being listed halfway through the thesis acknowledgements is a pretty small payoff for over three years of effort. Even classier: delivering your supervisor their crutch of choice chocolate, coffee, moonshine when you plonk the first full draft of your thesis on their desk.

Those suckers can be rough to read. But supervisors have feelings too. More than feelings, we have professional expertise and authority. And we write references for our graduate students. How to ask your supervisor for a divorce.Published on October 13, by Sarah Vinz. Revised on March 24, Sending good emails to your supervisor can sometimes be a challenge. We have created sample emails for different situations that you can use when writing to him or her.

Table of contents Making an appointment Asking questions Confirming agreements. The college has informed me that you will be my supervisor. I would therefore like to make an initial appointment to discuss my dissertation idea with you. I have encountered several difficulties while working on my dissertation. Could you please answer the following questions? I would like to make an appointment to discuss these questions with you. When would be convenient for you? Scribbr editors not only correct grammar and spelling mistakes, but also strengthen your writing by making sure your paper is free of vague language, redundant words and awkward phrasing.

See editing example. I am writing in follow-up to our meeting on Monday.

thanking thesis supervisor email

Could you please check the notes I have prepared concerning what we agreed and confirm that they are accurate? She loves the challenge of finding the perfect formulation or wording and derives much satisfaction from helping students take their academic writing up a notch.

At the bottom of the page, I have seen your services, can you do plagiarism checker and APA citation generator for free or let me know it's for cash. Our Plagiarism Checker is a paid service — the price depends on the size of your document. You can check how much it costs before uploading your document. I am doing honours in science. I am from other country there english is a second language.Everyone likes to feel appreciated—even the boss.

It's the nice, polite thing to do, and most likely, your boss will appreciate the gesture. Even a quick email message works well as a way to let your manager know that their support is appreciated.

Here are some situations where a thank you message is appropriate:. Without that trust in your abilities, it's harder to show off your talents. When this happens, it is more than appropriate to send a thank-you note to your boss, along with a request that he or she pass your thanks on to all of those who contributed. You can send your note as a handwritten card, printed out letter, or an email.

Review sample appreciation letters and emails to use as inspiration when you write your own thank-you letter for your boss. Smith email. I really appreciate your understanding and support regarding the changes we're making to the project plan. I feel that these changes are going to streamline the current project, and facilitate the organization of those in the future. Thank you for your confidence in me.

I'm sure you're going to be pleased with the results. I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to attend the professional development workshop in Orlando last week — and also for securing my travel and expense funding for this trip. Thank you so much for the promotion and the opportunity to spearhead the new project.

The new project will be an exciting endeavor for me and for my team. Thank you so much for the generous gift for my new son, Oliver. Please pass along my appreciation to the whole product team. See attached for a photo of Oliver in one of the new outfits. Thank you again for this generous, thoughtful present. I'm enjoying my time home with my new child, but also looking forward to returning to the office and thanking everyone in person.

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Tips for Writing an Appreciation Note. Appreciation Letter and Email Samples. Formal Thank-You Letter Example. Sample Appreciation Email Messages. Continue Reading.